Data Submission Requirements

Data Files

Mandatory Items

A merged “Bottle File” including:

  • Date
  • BTLNBR (bottle number)
  • STNNBR (station number)
  • CASTNO (cast number)
  • Final and flagged CTD data
  • Final and flagged salinity bottle data (if CTD salinity data is not present)
  • At least one of:
    • Final and flagged inorganic carbon data (all measured sub-parameters of inorganic carbon of the cruise)
    • Final and flagged tracer data
    • Final and flagged carbonisotopes
  • Metadata with at least Responsible PIs, Chief Scientist, Vessel, and Cruise Date

Ideal/Optional Items

  • Final and flagged nutrient data
  • Final and flagged oxygen data
  • All other measured bottle parameters

Other Requirements

  • Data must be accompanied by a cruise report.
  • Ideally, data will already have been archived at a public repository. In this case, only a link to the dataset in the repository is required for data harvesting.
  • Metadata should include details of analysis techniques, used instruments, and precision/accuracy information.
  • Data files should be provided in WOCE Exchange Format.