Merged and Adjusted Data Product – v2.2023

Before using GLODAPv2.2023 data products, please read the
Fair Data Use Statement

Synthesis Files (GLODAPv2.2023)

The merged and adjusted GLODAPv2.2023 data product, prepared as described in Lauvset et al. (2023) (submitted) can be accessed in a variety of formats:

.csv and .mat files

Global and regional synthesis files are available as csv and mat files via the GLODAP page at NOAA’s OCADS (formerly CDIAC) National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) data archive. For the csv files, the file EXPOCODE.txt can be used for translating cruise number, as given in the data files, to cruise expocodes. For the mat files the expocodes are supplied in a cell array. Please refer to Lauvset et al. (2021), Olsen et al. (2020), Olsen et al. (2019), Olsen et al. (2016), and Key et al. (2015) for further details on the content of these files.

Main source (NCEI) BCDC Mirror (ZIPped CSV)
EXPOCODES.txt 18 Kb 18 Kb
Dataset_DOIs.csv 66 Kb 66 Kb
Arctic Ocean CSV 98 Mb 11 Mb
MAT 8.7 Mb 8.7 Mb
Atlantic Ocean CSV 304 Mb 38 Mb
MAT 29 Mb 29 Mb
Indian Ocean CSV 102 Mb 15 Mb
MAT 11 Mb 11 Mb
Pacific Ocean CSV 349 Mb 47 Mb
MAT 35 Mb 35 Mb
Merged Master File CSV 853 Mb 110 Mb
MAT 84 Mb 84 Mb
Ocean Data View format

The global synthesis file is available in Ocean Data View (ODV) format from the ODV website.

ODV GLODAPv2.2023 Collection