Mapped Data Product

Before using GLODAPv2 data products, please read the
Fair Data Use Statement
Mapped Data Product files

The GLODAPv2 mapped product consists of gap-filled fields on a uniform 1°x1° grid for 33 standard depth surfaces. The gap-filled fields are created using the DIVA software ( as described in Lauvset et al. (2016), and include error estimates. To limit discontinuities at the boundary the grid begins at 20°E, where the boundary falls mostly on land.

The GLODAPv2 mapped product files are hosted by the NOAA’s OCADS (former CDIAC) National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) data archive. Use the links below to obtain the latest version of the Mapped Data Product. Previous versions can be found at the bottom of this page.

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GLODAPv2.2016b_MappedClimatologies.tar.gz 213 Mb

Note: For a nice piece of software to examine these gridded fields try Panoply (

Previous versions

Below you can find the link to the original Mapped Data Product, prior to the improvements suggested by the reviewers. For more information about the GLODAPv2 versioning, please read Update 2.

GLODAPv2_Mapped_Climatology.tar.gz 299 Mb